Scrubbing Bubbles

Dear Scrubbing Bubbles,

I am sorry I have underestimated your cleansing power all these years!

Seriously, until you clean a bathroom used by a four-year-old boy and six-year-old girl you will not truly appreciate the power of Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner! My daughter can not spit. It is obvious based on where the toothpaste slobber is dried up in the sink. Then I have my son and the toilet…if you have a boy, you know. (I just heard about targets you put in the bowl for boys to work on their “aim”!)

I am grateful for Scrubbing Bubbles cleansing AND antibacterial properties. I mean it is awesome for the mess to be wiped away but that 99.9% of the germs go with it –elates me!

I am doing a bible study currently where the author is challenging us on the words grace and peace used together in scripture. She sites several examples (usually greetings) and challenges us to observe in our own lives if we are accepting both words together, at the same time.

The concept of God’s grace is overwhelming, for some Christians nearly impossible to accept. Grace is a free gift for the taking if we choose. Peace is something that should accompany grace. It is a still, calm, quiet air that surrounds our life because of the grace of God.

If we choose grace but not peace we are not allowing God’s love to live in and through our lives. Without peace demonstrated in our lives how are those around us able to witness God’s grace in our life?

Accepting grace and not peace would be like trying to separate the cleansing and antibacterial properties in the Scrubbing Bubbles, they need to go together.

God, thank you for Your scrubbing bubbles, grace and peace. Please help me to accept them both equally so together they can continue Your work in my life.

“Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:2, NIV)”


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