Praying Mantis


These are all labels that have been used to describe me. The list does not stop there and I’m certain I haven’t heard them all. Fine by me.

As time goes on, I am becoming more and more comfortable with how God has labeled me… how He has labeled all of us. He calls my husband a valiant warrior and me the daughter of the one true King.

I am learning, by faith, to embrace the labels and gifts He has given me. I have been trying to understand and articulate the difference between a gift and a discipline in this Christian walk.

In the journey I have become friends with a wonderful lady who has challenged me in the discipline of prayer. Anyone who meets her says, “Man! That girl can throw down a prayer!”  She is labeled the Praying Sandi.

Praying Mantis

So, while on a walk with my nearly one-year-old this week, when we came across a praying mantis I immediately thought of her. We stopped and took a few minutes to observe the insect because little babies find these animals fascinating. They really are amazing creatures to look at, their long arms forever folded in a praying position. I captured a shot of my little fella during his moment of total fascination and thought it’s time for me to become a praying Jenn.

I know how to pray. I pray. But I am not known as a prayer warrior.

I want to be known as a gal who can throw down a prayer. I want to have passion in my communication with God who totally knows my heart.

So here it is: when you call me, text me, email me, Facebook me or ask me face to face to pray… I will.   Expect me to do it right then and count on me to remember to lift you up over and over as I learn to become like a praying Sandi.

“Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving Colossians 4:2, NASB


4 comments on “Praying Mantis

  1. This one really gave me chills! Do you suppose the praying mantis you two saw was one of the ones Don sent home for the kids?

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