Sister chat has been born from a desire to share some of the thoughts I have while praying.  Capturing these thoughts is something I have been doing in my prayer time over the last 5 years.  Finally, I have decided to dust off the folder and share some of the writings here on the blog, sister to sister style.  It is my intention to be very vulnerable as I share some words of encouragement to my sister friends.  I pray that God will lead me and guide me to write the encouraging words He wants you to read.  I will pray for each of you that may read the blog.


11 comments on “About

  1. Jennifer, thank you for remembering me in the sharing of your most precious thoughts before the Lord. I am so glad to hear you are wanting to share such thoughts with the public. Souls will be saved because of personal testimony.

    I will be looking forward to each of your Memories.

    Loving you in Christ,
    Auntie Colleen

  2. We look forward to many more of your fine stories, and the way you relate them to the Word. It has always been such a pleasure to hear you relate your experiences with the kids. They are blessed to have such a wonderful caring mother. We love you, Don and Cheri

  3. Thank you, Jenn, for including me in your list of Sisters. I will so enjoy hearing about your memories and about your family.
    Hugs, Aunt Shirley

  4. That is amazing! Thank you for sharing! It was wonderful, an eye opener! Can’t wait to read more!

  5. I really enjoy reading this Jen. I have shared this with many of my friends. I cant wait to read more. 🙂

  6. Is this the sister chat mentioned in the book raw and reverent by Sandi Brandon? I bought the book and it has what is called a teaching session in it with sentences and scripture and blanks to fill in. I’m confused about where the actual teaching session is. Could you let me know if there’s a Dvd or something missing? Thank you

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